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Over 50% of students choose a major based on earning potential, family expectations, or time pressure—not based on what really interests and motivates them.

Research shows an individual's lifelong strengths, needs and interests are well formed by age 16. Using a combination of an in-depth professional assessment and personal consultation, Laura Rupp Consulting works with teens and their parents to clarify choices, illuminate potential pitfalls and avoid conflict between today's wishes and tomorrow's reality.

cincinnati career consulting

Too many college grads struggle to find a job that matches their strengths, interests, and motivation. Without a clear idea of what they have to offer an employer or even how to conduct an effective job search life after graduation is like aiming for a target with a blindfold on. Laura Rupp Consulting offers an affordable service for new grads to focus their efforts on cincinnati career consultationlanding a job and determining the right career fit. The result is strategic action and confidence to attain future goals while reducing the confusion and anxiety of trying to figure out what to do next in life.

cincinnati career consultant

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