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For Students

Hundreds of personality inventories, career assessments and self-help guides are available online and through schools. Which to choose? How to process the information? As a parent, how do you make sure your protective urges aren’t clouding the results?

Laura Rupp Consulting provides an objective point of view. To get started, contact Laura to answer any questions and discuss your situation.  When ready to begin the process, Laura will email a link to your son or daughter for the Birkman Assessment which can be completed online.  Immediately upon completion the individualized About U Report℠ is available which clearly shows personal interests, strengths, career matches, motivators, and work style. Then we will schedule a time to meet in person, by Skype, or over the phone to discuss the results and how they align with assumptions the student and parents have made about college, choice of major and/or eventual career.

Students find the About U Report℠ liberating and full of truth. “Somebody gets me!” Parents find that their teen now has a resource which provides focus and direction. 

An open and honest dialogue, facilitated by Laura Rupp Consulting, can provide clarity and remove some of the fear associated with these huge decisions regarding the future.

For nearly the cost of 1 college textbook you receive:
Consultation and coaching session (approx. 2 hours)
Online Birkman Assessment
About U Report℠
Full Package price: $419

 For Grads/Career Coaching

You’re ready to take that next step after graduation but don’t know where to start or what to do, that’s OK you’re not alone. If you’re graduating and unsure how to land that first job, out of college and overwhelmed by the job search process, or a recent grad still searching for the right fit job or career path we can help. Laura Rupp Consulting starts with you! The cornerstone of an effective job search is clarity and self-awareness, so we start with the About U Report℠ which clearly shows your individual interests, strengths, and career matches. The results are highly accurate and after our review you will be able to focus your search and confidently make decisions that are right for you. We offer 2 options:

1. DEFINE - If the clarity and validation of the About U Report℠ is enough for you to kick-start your job search:

The About U Report℠ package includes:
Online Birkman Assessment
About U Report℠
Full report review and consultation (approx. 2 hours)
Full Package price: $419

2. MAKE IT HAPPEN - If you’re interested in additional support we build on the About U Report℠ information with 4 individual 1 hr. sessions which include:
- Developing a compelling resume, composed to clear automated tracking systems (ATS)
- Creating a strong LinkedIn Profile
- Providing job search resources
- Reviewing networking strategies
- Practicing and preparing for interviews

The full career coaching package includes:
Online Birkman Assessment
About U Report℠
Full report review and consultation (approx. 2 hours)
Coaching sessions (4 one hour sessions)
Career Coaching Package price: $849

Contact Laura to answer your questions and learn more about how she will help you pursue your best career path.

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Payment Options
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Reduced price for groups of 2 or more.

Laura Rupp is certified by Compass Settings, Ltd. to administer and interpret the About U Report℠. The About U Cincinnati Career ConsultingReport℠ is powered by the Birkman Assessment.  The Birkman Assessment consists of 298 questions and can be completed on-line in 30-40 minutes. For more than 50 years individuals and corporations have used the Birkman Assessment to maximize individual effectiveness and motivation. It is one of the most valid and reliable tools devised for assessing interests, career matches, motivators, and stress behavior.

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